The Standard Squat Vs the Bulgarian Split Squat

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On my new Instagram feature called “tip of the day” I have stated that the Bulgarian Split Squat is a more effective exercise for developing the musculature of the leg to standard squat variations. These variations include back squats, front squats and hack squats.

I’m wouldn’t advise anyone to neglect these bilateral squatting variations as they are a key tool in developing strength around the posterior portion of the trunk. Bilateral squat variations are used in my lifting programs┬áto coach effective use of ground reaction force whilst jumping. The Bulgarian Split Squat is just a better tool for developing the musculature of the thighs.

First of all, the stability demand is higher which incorporates the inner and outer thigh more dominantly. This includes the lateral and medial portions of the quadriceps and hamstrings as well as the abductor and adductor muscles.

Second of all, the Bulgarian Split Squat is useful for burning out the leg muscles before too much tension is placed on the back.


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