The Small Things That Makes Your Body Indestructible

The Small Things That Makes Your Body Indestructible

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I’m guilty of neglecting the Farmers Walk. The Farmers Walk simply involves walking with heavy resistance in your hands, i.e. kettlebells, dumbbells and barbells. A single arm Farmers Walk, otherwise known as the Suit Case Carry, is one of my favourite variations. Whilst performing a Suit Case Carry, an athlete must keep a tall and thin posture. This goes against the temptation to lean to one side.

You probably think that the Farmers Walk is a bit woo woo. It trains the legs, like the squat. It trains the back, like the dead lift. It trains the abs, like the plank. But what if I told you that the Farmers Walk is one of the most powerful ways of developing the hidden gems that make up your internal structure.

The Farmers Walk can coach stability to your spinal errectors, you multifidis, your psoas and a variety of other funky muscles that you probably haven’t heard of before. You Tube sensation Michael Chen, was recently interviewed on Renegade Radio. He talked about a horrific experience he had with the Farmers Walk. He attempted to circulate around his living room whilst carrying a heavy kettlebell. He attempted to relax his leg and his lats. He eased his core but stayed upright. Over the next few days, he thought he was coming down with the flu as the muscle soreness was like nothing he had ever experienced in all his years of training.

Can you work the small muscles by simply carrying a heavy resistance? Can you more effectively without over activating the large, superficial muscles around the thighs chest and back? I challenge you!


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