Plan Now and Execute Your New Years Resolution

Plan Now and Execute Your New Years Resolution

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2017 is coming and talks of new years resolutions are hardly underway. Come on people! I know it’s the festive period and we don’t want to talk about the gym, eating clean and living the fit life. We want to chill out with our friends, eat pigs in blankets, drink and live the lazy life but have you considered that January the 1st a poor time to plan? The time to plan is now. You want to start the year with a bang!

This is quick post to give you a to do list by new years eve. Understand that most people get into the swing of things by February but I want to put you ahead. Go beyond average.

Shop: Make a shopping list and stick to eat. Grab lean cuts of meat, some red meat, vegetarian based substitutes if you prefer and a shed load of leafy greens. Ad a few more colors with fruit, peppers, beetroot or any other vegetable you can think of and you are taking off.

Get Your Membership: Book on for the gym now. Also, if your gym provides a mandatory induction, book it for December. This means that you won’t have to wait in a stupidly long list of people who have also said that 2017 is their year to get lean. You’ll hop into 2017 knowing exactly what to do.

Get Your Program: Have your program written in December and make sure you know how to execute every exercise. Again, go into the new year with confidence and a plan.

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