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Hey people!

Today, I simply wish to let you in on everything that’ll be happening over the next 2 weeks…

  1. New tool kit! We have a sweet guide for anyone who is interested in boosting testosterone, improving gut health or lifting their cognitive capabilities! It will be available on the home page soon but for now, access it here (http://www.gethinrhysjames.com/sign-up/) The guide contains videos and some wicked, helpful graphics.
  2. Blog content upgrade! You’ll be seeing much more of my pretty face very soon. There will be far more video talks on all things health and fitness. Furthermore, I will be launching a monthly Q & A.
  3. Exclusivity (that’s actually free!) If you prefer to read or simply want more from me, 90% of my best content goes to my warriors 3 times per week. Simply sign up for the tool kit that I mentioned above.
  4. Good news to those in South Wales! I am bumping up my coaching slot for the summer holidays! You can see me from 12 to 8, Tuesday to Wednesday for a one on one session. Just email us!

That’s all for now. Let’s have an epic summer!

Coach GRJ


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