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Listen up athlete’s, weekend warriors, office workers and anyone in between. As the old cliché goes, our most valuable asset is time. We spend time like it’s going out of fashion. We need time to be with family, time to clown around with your friends, time to recover from last weekend’s game and time to work. Time is limited. Therefore, we don’t need to spend every waking hour in the freaking gym!

I have a suggestion for you. One that will get your blood pumping, your metabolism fired up and will make your muscles raw. It is my new Kettlebell workout and it will suit your level, wherever you’re currently at.

How does this save time?

You can do it at home with just one piece of kit, the Kettlebell. By the way, you will also be utilizing your body weight. This will save the drive as well as the expensive gym membership. Also, you get muscle rippling benefits from just 20 minutes of working out.

The system in the training sessions that will be outlined below are unconventional but don’t judge it until you’ve tried it!

Ensure you have a Kettlebell that is heavy enough. 16kg is great for a beginner but if you’re up for a killer workout, give 24kg ago. Maybe you’re a 32kg kind of guy. If so, check you out you beast!


After thoroughly warming up, grasp your Kettlebell by the horns and work that Shoulder Press. Perform 3 sets of 5 repetitions, super-setting between each arm. Take no more than 60 seconds to rest between sets.

Next, it’s Pull Over time. Lie on your back with the Kettlebell held above your face. Keep those arms straight! Slowly perform 3 sets of 5 repetitions. I mean really slow. Take 5 seconds to lower the Kettlebell to the ground. Take a 60 second rest between sets.

Finally, it’s time to get sinister. Roll a dice and watch it land. Whatever number it hits is how long you are going to be practicing Push Ups for! This is a long time to be doing Push Ups so practice slow and controlled repetitions but do not lose form.


Screw your raw upper body for the day and break into a leg workout.

Start with Kettlebell Goblet Squats. Keeping your posture erect and your feet well planted, squat down until your hips are parallel with your knees. Go for 3 sets of 5 repetitions with a super slow eccentric of 5 seconds. This blasts the thighs but also does wonders for adductor mobility. Like the Monday workout exercises, take 60 seconds to rest between sets.

Next, Lateral Lunges. Take a stance that suits 1.5 times your shoulder width. Perform alternating Lateral Lunges with a good 5 repetitions on each leg before taking that 1 minute rest. Perform 3 sets.

NOTE: Do not practice the Lateral Lunge with a Kettlebell unless you are a mutant!

Now for Mr. Classic to make an appearance. Roll the dice and witness it land to your expense! Perform Kettlebell Swings for the number illustrated.


Okay warrior, well done for making it this far. Time to go about the sweet posture and roll workout.

We are simply going to practice a short but tiring giant set. We start with 1 minute on the Plank. We then work the Side Plank for 30 seconds each side before ending the ordeal with a 1 minute Glute Bridge hold. Take that well deserved 60 seconds of rest and repeat 2 more times.

Next step, find 3 sore spots on your body. The upper back and IT band are very infamous points! Roll out your sore sports for at least 1 minute each or until the tension eases off.


It’s rest day baby! Take a hike, go for a swim, do some more foam rolling or simply chill out on the couch watching the game.


I hope you didn’t get too comfortable yesterday! We are back in action and it is time to break into our second upper body workout. I’d love to take this opportunity to push you through a sweet but vicious High Intensity Interval Training workout.

Jumping Air Squats will be a beautiful initiation. Perform these Jump Squats for 10 sets of 20 repetitions. Only take a 15 second break to recover between each set. If you pull this off correctly, you’ll be sucking air like a Henry Hoover!

Next, grab your Kettlebell by the horns and go into 15 single arm rows. Super set this drill from left to right before chilling out for 15 seconds of rest. Repeat this brutal challenge 8 times.

Finally, Roll the dice for the third and final time this week. It’s time to smash out the Mountain Climbers!

Closing Notes

If you completed the above protocol, good on you. More than anything, I sincerely hope that I have engaged your thoughts for developing unconventional but convenient short workouts. As a busy bee myself, I need a time sparing workout and this is currently my routine. I promise you, it delivers fantastic results!




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