5 Uses for a Medicine Ball

5 Uses for a Medicine Ball

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Have you ever walked into the weights room and noticed the dusty rubber ball in the corner? Hopefully you didn’t kick it thinking that it was a basketball. I’ve seen that happen. It’s funny but still quite painful to watch!

The medicine ball can complement a standard weight training program pretty well. I want to suggest 5 ways that you can add a medicine ball into your routine to boost muscular development.

Tip 1. Anti-Rotation

A Russian twist is a powerful drill. However, have someone pass you the medicine ball from the side and attempt to prevent the rotational movement that the medicine ball encourages. You will find that those abdominal muscles soon wake up!

Tip 2. Instability

There are 2 sides of the coin. You need to lift heavy stuff but you also need to challenge your muscles with instability. Push ups on a medicine ball can prevent shoulder injury, increase your max bench press and generate incredible muscle tone.

Tip 3. Altering Grip

The medicine ball is not easy to pick up. The mechanics of lifting a medicine ball is completely different to lifting a barbell. You will need to spread your fingers wide, grip hard and challenge your forearms if you wish to pick up a medicine ball effectively.

Tip 4. Loaded Carries

Loaded carries with a heavy medicine ball is arguable the most practical way of practicing this movement pattern. When we carry an object in our day to day live, we often need to cradle it close to our body and not dangle it to the side with the use of handles. The medicine ball allows this action.

Tip 5. Throws

Power cannot be developed with heavy weights alone. If you want power, add in medicine ball throws. This will add speed to your strength. Throws are also a great way to fire up the muscles during the warm up and add variety to your workouts.


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