Manuka Honey: Better than Regular Honey?

Manuka Honey: Better than Regular Honey?

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Honey is great. In small doses, honey is an excellent addition to various meals including trail mixes, vegetables or fruit salads. It aids the immune system with its antibacterial properties, it helps us in forming specific cells which are important in repairing damaged tissue and helps to lower inflammation.

Recently, Manuka honey has been brought into popularity so I wanted to quickly write a post on the benefits of this product.

Manuka honey has just one thing over the traditional contents of the honey in your kitchen. All honey contains hydrogen peroxide which is an anti-inflammatory. This crucial in reducing swelling and repair. All honey dihydroxyacetone. This is another anti-inflammatory which has been proven to have a very powerful anti-inflammatory effect. However, it is only seen in small dosses.

In Manuk honey, you can find a generous supply of dihydroxyacetone. Medical grade Manuka honeys are more sterile and are used over cuts and burns to help with healing. This has been proven to be very effective. That being said, don’t self medicate. Always seek advice from a professional physician.

Does Manuka honey have any advantage over standard honey for consumption?

The research hasn’t shown any advancement in it’s antibacterial, recovery and anti-inflammatory responses ¬†over standard honey as of yet. Only time will tell.


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