Carbohydrate Truth: How Much You Actually Need

Carbohydrate Truth: How Much You Actually Need

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I want to simplify your carbohydrate intake in under 500 words. This information is quick to digest (like carbs!) but will serve you for years to come.

When you read this and go about the protocol demonstrated in this article, I want you to remember 1 thing. Carbohydrates provide us with energy. That’s it! Don’t worry about the fiber content or the micro-nutrients in starchy foods. We can get those out of a variety of different vegetables.

This is a 2 week experiment and by the end of this protocol, you can permanently benefit from uplifted energy.

  1. Spend 3 days without eating a single starchy product. This includes starchy vegetables such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, parsnips and squash. This also include rice, pasta and certainly bread!
  2. When completing step 1, spend 3 days eating no more than 1 portion of starchy products. This equates to 125 grams or a cup full. Eat this portion of starch first thing.
  3. Note the change in your energy level. If it’s higher, move onto step 4. If it’s lower, try a meal plan that relies on nuts, oils and a daily cup full of berries for your energy needs.
  4. Add an additional portion of carbohydrates for the next 3 days. Note down your energy levels.
  5. If your energy level is lower on 2 portions, you only need 1 portion of a starchy product every day. Go for starchy vegetables as they are far more nutrient dense than pasta’s and bread. If your energy level is higher, move to step 6.
  6. Carry on the cycle of adding a portion every 3 days until you find your optimum energy level.

Most ┬ápeople sit between 2 – 4 portions of starch everyday. However, many endurance athletes tend to eat up to 8 portions.



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