3 Reasons Why You Need Fat In Your Diet

3 Reasons Why You Need Fat In Your Diet

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Since 1992, the ill-informed low fat fanatics have named fat as a common villain in our kitchen. Yet, these people will go about their lives consuming awful products such as skimmed milk. Let me elaborate why skimmed milk is a terrible product.

It’s watered down milk which essentially means that the nutrition value of the plummets substantially. Also, watered down milk goes a dull, blueish grey colour. So why is skimmed milk white?

Titanium dioxide!

Titanium dioxide is the same chemical that is used to turn paint white. It has been associated with cognitive decline and is a toxic chemical to our physiology.

The sad truth of the matter is that so many dieters work their guts out to be leaner, healthier and happier yet the dairy industry (as well as many others) exploits this fact and sells products that are below par.

Unlike most starchy carbohydrates that are consumed in the average diet, fat is used by the body for various functions. Here are my 3 favourites.

  1. Fat is important for cell formation. This is especially true for the development of the cell membrane which is the wall of the cell.
  2. Fat is vital in neural functioning. Fat makes up the myelin sheaf of a nerve cell. This sheaf has conductive properties which allows adequate messaging from the central nervous system to the rest of the body.
  3. Fat is crucial in hormone production. Fat is very important for the development of testosterone which is associated with strength, athletic performance and sex drive.

As a marker, aim for 5 servings of fat each day. A serving would be a tea spoon but you can also get great sources of fat from avocado, fish and nuts.



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