How Not to Waste Your Time….Ever!

How Not to Waste Your Time….Ever!

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I have wasting my time. The truth is, most people can’t help but to at least waste 25% of their life. Think about this; have you ever watched a movie all the way through but knew it was awful after the first 40 minutes? Well this article is about the little things you do that saves you hours of unproductive crap.


First of all, everything we do must have a purpose. The only time we feel that we’ve wasted our day is when it is lived without purpose. The purpose of fun is to enjoy life and the purpose of work is to raise your wealth and allow you to do the things you love. To make life more fulfilling, you should love your work.


The first step in eliminating wasted time is to identify your primary time wasters.


For me, car journeys were something I hated with a passion. Some people enjoy driving and can leisurely stroll along with nothing but their Spotify playlist to keep them happy. Not me. I now listen to podcasts which allows me to learn so much about my industry and business development. Obviously, phone calls whilst driving are a massive time saver but ensure you use Bluetooth.


Going back to your time at home, if the show your watching is terrible and if you’re not enjoying it, either turn it over or if the rest of the house are appreciating what’s on tv, get your phone out!


If you don’t have a smart phone, you have a dumb phone. I use my iPhone to write articles (such as this one), email important clients, organise my to do list, jot down random thoughts for future reference, work on my social media marketing campaign, come up with new meal recipes, watch interviews or Ted talks or anything else that can be of use. I don’t waist time on Facebook if I’m board because then I get annoyed that I’m not being productive. If you’re accused of being antisocial, screw it! You’re not enjoying the show so why put up with it.


Cutting back on dreadful jobs is a must. This could involve certain labour, organising papers or mailing. Just head to and pay someone $3 to do your dirty work so that the things you do are profitable or fun. I have an hour once each week where I do work that doesn’t get me payed. This includes checking the engine of my car, changing the bed sheets and the accounting.


Are you effective or efficient? Efficient means you’re working like a dog with busy work, arguably a form of being lazy. This is unlike being effective where you’re doing the jobs that push your life forward.


As a closing note, there is no longer any excuse for you to be wasting your time!



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