Losing Sleep = Gaining Fat

Losing Sleep = Gaining Fat

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We all now that losing sleep is bad for our health. There’s been a few posts on this blog regarding sleep and even a guest article from a friend over in New Zealand. However, I’m not sure if we’ve stressed the importance enough.


I want to take a different approach today. I want to tell you why your lack of sleep may be making you fat. You heard me…


It may seem ridiculous. After all, don’t we move more when we lose sleep?


Yes but 2 negative physiological effects come about when we lose sleep that changes our eating habits.


First, a raise in ghrelin. Ghrelin is a hormone which raises our hunger. Not our cravings, our hunger. Second, a hormone called leptin goes down. Leptin gives us the sensation of feeling full.


So you see, losing sleep makes us feel hungry.


There’s also another brutal hormonal response to losing sleep. Cortisol shoots up!


Cortisol, the stress hormone, the enemy, the gut builder. Yes, when our cortisol level increases, we are far more lightly to increase the diameter of our waist when we are over weight. Stomach fat is the dangerous type of fat as it surrounds your vital organs.


So why does this happen. Low sleep requires more physical movement. Also, your body is in a state of low rest and therefore a state of stress.


Be concerned with the lack of sleep, not only for your body fat percentage but also for the sake of your general health.


Whenever I work with a client, I consider the whole picture. Their sleep, diet, stress levels day to day activity, the works!


Optimise everything!



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