How to Come Up With Your Own Quote

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Hey guys! Today, I want to teach you a very special skill. I will teach you how to come up with your own

This skill is so valuable. Knowing how to come up with your own quote will allow you to tailor your written word to your circumstances and to your ambitions. This will also save you from filling your wall, note books or mind space with anything but productive information and motivation for yourself.

The first step is to knowing how to write your own quote is to understand what drives you. Grab note book and pen. From there, write down 3 goals that you wish to achieve in the next 6 months. I would not recommend going over 6 months as targets which are too far into the future tend to be forgotten about. I like to suppurate my goals into 3 distinct groups which are all related to the freedom that I wish to have in my life.

  1. Freedom of Time

Freedom of time is quite obviously the amount of time you have during the day to yourself. You may wish to work in this time but you may also plan on spending more hours with your family or friends.

A great example of a “Freedom of Time” goal would be to take a weekly cinema trip with your partner, go out on Saturday night with your friends or spend more time playing with your kids.

2. Freedom of Money

I couldn’t tell you why money has such a bad wrap these days. All I know is that the people who stick their noses up about money don’t have a lot but they also don’t plan on doing much about it. Taking financial stress out of your life must be a key ambition. If it’s not, financial stress may be with you for a lifetime.

Examples of “Freedom of Money” goals would be related to luxurious buys. A holiday home, a weekly trip to the rock climbing center or a guilt free daily visit to Starbucks will all count as “Freedom of Money” goals.

3.Freedom of Location

Freedom of location is not practical for everyone but for some, remote work is very possible. If not, being mobile may be limited to an annual month abroad. Overall, the ability to travel should be possible to some extent.

A few examples would be as simple as working from home or planning a safari in Africa.

How to Come Up With Your Own Quote By Using Your Goals

Step 1. Does The Quote Hold Any Value to You?

Does the quote hold any value to you? Do you look at a quote and feel pumped when you’ve read it? Your writing should make you excited. Here is one of my favorite lines by Mohammed Ali:

“I’m so mean I make medicine sick!”

The quote is humerus, easy to to remember and builds excitement.

Step 2. Does The Quote Hold a Purpose?

This part is crucial. Let’s come up with something ridiculous:

“I can cook more pancakes in an hour than Jamie Oliver!”

The above quote is not lightly to suit your situation. Add a degree of specificity to your quote. Take this quote from Michael Jordan as a prime example of an athlete who has struggled with failure:

“I’ve failed over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.”

The quote may relate to effort such as the one above or it can relate to speed, strength, finances, travel or anything you wish! Just add specificity.

Step 3. Does your quote hold information?

When you come up with a quote, make it thought provoking with useful information. Take this quote from Jim Rhone as an example:

“Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going.”

This motivational quote doubles as a constructive tip. It tells you to keep moving forward until you don’t know how to stop.

And that is pretty much how to come up with your own quote. Feel free to share, leave a comment or even share your own quotes with me!


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