Habits which guarantee success

Habits which guarantee success

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Whenever I write about habits, I like to revert back to Jim Rhones quote…

“Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going.”

I’ve always felt that habits are crucial and the way we forge our habits are vital to succeed in our long term goals.

There are 2 key elements in setting up a habit that is worth while.

  1. Benefit. This should be obvious but people fail on this all the time. It can be beneficial to wake up early but does the work you do in the morning contribute to your long term goals? Furthermore, can the work you do be outsourced to a machine or person and therefore open up space for you to focus on what is really important. Does the habit you plan on creating have a developmental process that is measurable and specific.
  2. Sustainability. I once tried to join the 5am club. As a night owl, I hated it! I actually got less done as I felt down due to the dark and cold weather outside. I spent the first 2 hour of my day as a zombie. I get more done later on. This was not sustainable. If your workouts don’t equate to adequate recovery, the sustainability of your results and your effort will surly plummet.

Create habits that are beneficial and sustainable. Follow these 2 simple rules and you will make more of an impact than ever.


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