Fat Loss Hacks for Accelerating Your Results

Fat Loss Hacks for Accelerating Your Results

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Diet and exercise is just a part of the fat loss equation. As well as living a healthier life style, a few sneaky hacks can give you a leg up on the slim train.


  1. Drink green tea. Drink to hydrate but also drink to raise your metabolism with your favourite hot beverage. The higher you core body temperature, the more calories you will burn.
  2. Get shivering. Take a cold shower for 5 minutes twice everyday. Wonder why Michael Phelps can eat 12000 calories each day? The body uses a substantial amount of energy to stay warm. Phelps swims in a cold pool that requires the additional calories.
  3. Use smaller plates. It’s a sneaky tactic but it’s proven it’s worth time and time again. A fuller plate often correlates to a sense of satisfaction. When dieters eat off larger plates, the seemingly small portion sizes could very well seem depressing.
  4. Take naps. Insomnia is the enemy. Lower sleep correlates to a high manufacturing rate or the hunger inducing hormone, ghrelin. In other words, less sleep means more hunger.
  5. Take 20 chews. Do you even know that you’re stomach is full? Take more time chewing the food and be present as you eat. Do nothing else as you eat. No phone, book, TV or any distractions. Meal time is between you and your stomach.


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