Deceleration and Knee Pain

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Knee pain that is caused by deceleration is often related to quadriceps weakness. This is mainly down to the portion of the quadriceps that sits closer to the outer part of the femur. This part of the quadriceps is known as the Vastus Lateralise. Webll call it the bVLb for the sake of this text.

The VL is prominently used in the deepest portion of deep squatting but it is very important in all deceleration activity such as slowing the passC) down on the flat, changing direction or running downhill.

Knee pain associated with VL weakness is featured on the top, outer corner of the knee. With this in mind, if you are experiencing knee pain in another area, the literature below may not apply to you.

Conditioning the VL may be done through the standard deep squat but it is also important to perform specific activity to the problem in question. It is worth practicing squats on a declined surface. A strong piece of wood on a step is an ideal congregation for such an exercise. Alternatively, a resistance band looped around a fixed object is very useful. The band may be placed around the lower portion of the thigh, just above the knee. From there, step back with the free leg. This is an ideal position for practicing extension of the leg whilst placing specific focus on the VL.

Please note that I am a sports conditioning professional but I do not hold a medical degree. I often work with clients that are prescribed to me by a physiotherapist as a form of prehab to stop an injury from occurring again. Please speak to your physician if you do have any signs or symptoms of a potential injury.


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